9/11, A Staged Hoax

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The Plan: The World Trade Center was built in 1969 and asbestos was extensively used as insulation. Within a few years their construction would not have been allowed but they were grandfathered in. The WTC was hemorraghing money and needed to be torn down so the owners could construct the New World Trade Center. The two main entities that were responsible for the WTC were the Port of New York and Dresser Industries which was recently purchased by Dick Cheney's Halliburton To remove the asbestos and demolish the buildings would cost upwards of a billion dollars, then they would still have to pay to construct the new WTC. A plan was hatched to do a controlled demolition and pretend there was a terrorist attack. The plan took shape as much as a decade before 2001 or maybe even longer. Under this plan, fictional terrorists would fly planes into the Twin Towers and the buildings would be demolished by an ordinary controlled demolition. The news networks signed off on the plan as well as the Federal Government and the involved local New York City officials. Larry Silverstein completed the purchase of the WTC six weeks before 9/11. The WTC was insured for double indemnity if destroyed or damaged by terrorist attacks.

The buildings were destroyed by an ordinary controlled demolition. Israeli Mossad "art students" wired the towers for demolition anbd were known to be in the towers since the spring of 2000. The building was secured by Securacom, a security company that was under the guidance of President Bush's brother Marvin Bush and first cousin Wirt Walker III, though both stepped down from the board of directors before 9/11. Mayor Rudi Giuliani organized a huge caravan of earthmoving equipment that started the debris removal the evening of September 11.

The planes were actually computer graphics seen only on TV. Lying accomplices would be prepared to say they saw the planes in the sky. Real witnesses saw the buildings explode and never saw or heard a plane. The public was led to believe that an aluminum airliner could punch a hole through concrete and steel and disappear inside. Absurd plane parts and indestructible passports were planted at the scene to enforce the idea that planes had crashed.

9/11 was a complete betrayal of trust by governement entities and the corporate mass media. Corrupt courts, airlines and insurance companies also played a major role. Silverstein sued the insurance companies and won a 4.5 billion dollar settlement for double indemnity as it was judged there were two separate terrorist attacks. The cleanup of the site was done at taxpayer's expense. 9/11 was a classic case of turning a liability into a handsome profit. While it was one of the most serious and obvious betrayals in our history, those who delve into it become aware that there are many more betrayals that come to light.

Here are some of the live broadcasts from that period

NYC Mayor Giuliani organized this massive convoy of dump trucks and earth-moving vehicles to begin removing the evidence. The trucks started rolling about 7:00 PM on September 11. This was despite the WTC being termed a "crime scene". The only real crime was insurance fraud. Lying to the public is not a crime unless you are under oath.

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Israel supplied two teams to aid in the hoax. The "E-Team" planted the explosives while the "B-Team" provided psychological elements.

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