NASA Naked

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NASA was formed in 1958 to pretend to be a space agency. It has done nothing but fake space ever since. All the space agencies around the world were created to further the myths.

Bubbles in space are proof that NASA is faking its space walks under water in their massive "training" swimming pool. These air air bubbles in water. They change direction and velocity. That would be impossible for particles in a vacuum.

Since the emergence of CGI, computer graphic images, NASA has gone on a tear using CGI in all kinds of image and video fakery

If the moon were 2,000 miles wide as we are told and it covers the entire sun during a total eclipse, it should cast a shadow 2,000 miles wide. The maximum shadow is about 160 miles wide. The only logical conclusion is that the moon cannot be 2,000 miles wide. This has serious ramifications. The standard model of the solar system cannot be what we have been told.

NASA was caught with its pants down when they tried to present heart scan images as a "photo" of a distant black hole

NASA made a strategic decision from the very start that space would be black. This is because they knew that faking realistic star patterns in all their images and videos would be a nightmare. They used the ruse that cameras would not be able to show "faint" stars if there were something bright in the field of view. They then have included something bright in almost every image or video. The space actors were told to say that when they looked with their eyes at space it was black with no stars. Some actors got off message and said it was spectacular. Such a contradiction would be impossible if tey had actually been in space.

NASA defies the physics and general science over and over again. They have never designed anything that could actually work in space. The extreme heat of unshielded direct sunlight radiation and the extreme cold of any shade from objects would ruin any of their designs. The notion of reentering the atmosphere with a heat shield is mind blowig, as they ignore all the technological challenges of the SR-71 Blackbird design

The vacuum of space is much more brutal than NASA would lead you to believe. Spacecraft and spacesuits simply cannot work in space.

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