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Viewing with Landscape may work better with a cell phone To zoom in and out on a PC, use Ctrl and MouseWheel To zoom in and out on a phone, spread the view with fingers

Most mass tragedies can be shown to be staged hoaxes. The mass media uses them to instill fear in their viewers. While the narratives seem to be efforts at hot button issues like gun control, terrorism and racial divide, the real product and aim is fear itself.

The Boston Marathoin bombing featured crisis actors, the sinister presence of a private mercenary outfit, Craft International, and the Tsnarnev Brothers as patsies.

There are many questonable celebrity deaths. The notion that a celebrity might fake his or her death in favor of a new identity is not that far fetched.

Kobe Bryant was not killed in a helicopter crash

Where are the victims? Mass tragedies require victims. If there are no real victims, then the preps have to create some. Find A Grave Index is a grave registration service. Suprisingly, when you research many of the mass tragedy victims you find that Find A Grave Index is the only service with details on the birth of the victim. Putting two and two together, it appears that this service is the one that provides the fake victims for most of the mass tragedies. This was especially true for 9/11. It is quite possible that every one of these tragedies never involved real victims. The perps just mix face photos with names and Find A Grave creates a backstory to fool the unwary.

George Floyd's death was a staged hoax in May, 2020 to incite the Black Lives Matter riots that summer.

JFK was murdered, but not by Oswald

Las Vegas was supposed to be the worst mass shooting in American history. The perps just blasted out sound effects of gunshots and started a panicked stampede. We were told that 58 people died and around 800 were wounded. With thousands of people having smart phones in their hands at the concert, not a single photo or video was ever uploaded that showed a crime scene. The culprit, Stephen Paddock, was a real person, but the dead guy they showed us on the floor was someone else. Most likely the "dead" guy was just playing dead.

Over and over again, we are presenrted with plane crashes that just are not real. Ethiopian 302, German Wings, Kobe's helicopter, Russia's Sinai crash, Shanksville are examples and there are many others. People are shown wrecage representing a tiny fraction of a plane and they extrapolate an entire plane out of it. These crashes instill fear of flying.

The Charleston Church killings starred Dylan Roof as a black hating racial nutcase.

Here are some images and videos from other mass tragedies. It is possible that tragedies of all magnitudes have been created by the media just to keep the population fearful and uncertain.

Carlie Hebdo in Paris, France 2015

Buffalo Supermarket 2021

Aurora Theater

New York City Subway Shooting 2022

50+ Immigrants die in trailer 2022

Brenton Tarrant slew 49 Muslims in New Zealand in 2020. The shooting was live streamed. No blood or gore, just peoiple laying down.

4th of July 2022 in Highland Park, Illinois. Six were reported killed and 30 wounded. With practically everyoine in the crowd having a smart phone in their hands, there was ont a single image or video uploaded that showed a crime scene.

At Sandy Hook, there never was any evidence of a crime scene. Evidence points to the building having been closed for four years before the shooting due to asbestos contamination.

Uvalde was a recent tragedy that fails the smell test. The surveillance camera footage was not consistent with a real shooting, but the clincher was that there was only one ambuilance present and never was there any video of the 21 dead or 17 wounded victims being removed from the school. Highland Park and Sandy Hook had the same smoking gun.

Uvalde was a comlpete and Utter Hoax

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