ChitChat is a really nice way to create a custom video chat room

During this initial phase, please join the first group, the Hangout. Soon we hope to get people joining all the other groups

This webpage allows users to link to the CHANGE audio and video chat groups.

Groups will be created as required. Each link in this web page will take you to a meeting room. Users can connect to any group at any time.

Kudos to Stewart Clarkson of Northampton, England for providing the hosting for and the Change groups you see here. His technical assistance has made all of this CHANGE web page possible. If you want more information on his web hosting at message him at Stewart Clarkson on Facebook

Snowball Training
This group is for learning how to be an effective spreader of the Truth

Technical Solutions


Health Solutions

Social Engineering

Spiritual Subjects

History Revisited

Location Groups

Truth and Conspiracies

Dillon King


The mission of CHANGE is to encompass all the elements necessary to bring about a proper world, one where the demons that have plagued mankind from the dawn of history can be vanquished once and for all to the dustbin of history. There are those that say it cannot be done. It can be done, and those who say otherwise will simply have to watch us do it.

There are two types of groups, location groups and global groups. Location groups are targeted for specific geographical areas. A location may be part of several location groups. Here are possible levels:

Local, a rural area, city, town or village
County or other area
State or province

A global group is one that transcends locations. It might be a group focused on international fund raising or Internet technologies. We may form cultural discussions such as music or art. There will be groups where you can discuss the Truth and Lies of the current system we live under. Also, we will certainly have groups dealing with general technical solutions such as energy or fresh water solutions.

No one is required to do anything as a member of CHANGE. All participation is voluntary. You can pick and choose any group that may interest you and anyone can join as many groups as they like. Anyone can suggest a new group topic by messaging me at Willis Butts on Facebook

Particpation in CHANGE can range from simply joining a group to observe and perhaps comment from time to time. Others may request that they have a new group set up. Users will be able to post comments and share screens. One suggestion would be to direct message someone you see online and ask them to join you in a group